4 Reasons why Weight-loss became Impossible and you’re Quitting.

Why am I not losing weight?

What do you do when you have to get rid of a poisonous tree growing in your backyard?

Do you pull it out from its root, or do you just keep trimming it with your garden scissors?

The problem should be uprooted, not trimmed.

The answer is obvious. Trimming the tree instead of pulling it out for once and all is a blunder.

It will only solve the problem temporarily.

The danger will once again pile up after the plant grows.

That is the kind of blunder you’ve been doing throughout your weight loss journey.

How can you say that?

Because study shows that 95% people who lose weight will gain it back. (Really?)

Is it any different from the poisonous tree that grows back again?

Also, the success rate of all the weight loss strategies developed in the United States is around 4%.

96% of all those diet tips and weight-loss strategies fail to materialize on people.

How’s it different from the fact that trimming a poisonous tree doesn’t work at all? It can be said that the diet plan and standard advice don’t really work!

If it really did, one magic meal plan or one magic workout routine would have changed the lives of all.

We wouldn’t notice all these mushrooming media advertisements and schemes; each one with a different voice than the last.

To really figure out the root problem, I asked a few questions to a few people who I thought had brains.

1) Why do you think people gain weight?

“Because they eat more and exercise less.”

2) How can they lose their weight then?

“It’s simple. They need to focus on their bodies; eat healthy and exercise. Calorie rich foods should be avoided.”

3) Why do you think people eat more and exercise less in the first place?

“Maybe they’re just lazy?”

“That’s not even a question.”

“Not related.” *uncomfortable silence*

Key Takeaway
Most people and even the “experts” just try to trim the problem for a temporary solution.

We know calories gain us weight but we don’t know really know what prompts us to munch up those big calories. The day we find out the root is the day we officially eliminate obesity from the world.

Are there any root-seekers working on the problem?

Many are.

Some are even trying to solve the obesity problem according to the Bible! I recently went through a book that slapped Bible verses over verses trying to make a single argument: that obesity is the result of disobedience to the bible.

I had to give up, halfway into it, after not finding a single advice to lose fat.

If the problem was a physical one, it’d have been solved by our physical weapons; like cutting intake, fasting or hitting the treadmill.

What does it take to start over and actually see results? What did you do wrong on your weight loss journey?

1) You thought obesity was a problem with your body

Imagine somebody telling you that being fat is actually a result of something wrong happening with your brain.

Well, I am doing just that.

Have you ever eaten heavily because you were broken up, depressed, bored or just lonely?

Then don’t tell me being chummy has nothing to do with your psychological situation.

People turn to their comfort foods when they’re stressed. (2),(3),(4),(5),(6) It makes them feel better.

There’s a term for this: emotional eating.

Your mind should be well toned to lose weight.

What are you stressed about? What leads you to take unhealthy decisions, not only with eating but with life?

One doesn’t fail an exam because he didn’t read. One fails it because he thought studying was useless; because of which he didn’t read. There’s also a hidden underlying reason that causes weight gain.

Find what’s really troubling you. Instead of waving it off, address the problem and find a way to cure it. You’ll not only straighten up your body appearance, you’ll straighten up your life.

Having a well toned mind is equally important for weight loss as having a well toned body. Learn to reduce stress and be happy, practice yoga and constantly motivate yourself.

2) You fed on the world’s perception of you

I’ve met with people who have given up their hope of ever being back to good shape.

Are you one of them who never witnessed any improvement?

I intended this article exactly for you when I picked my pen up.

What you think you are is a result of years of perception made by the world about you.

You think that you understand who you are, but your knowledge is actually shaped by what your parents, relatives or the church said you were.

Researchers say that a sedentary life, i.e. watching the TV and staying indoors is the biggest reason for gaining unhealthy fat. (7),(8),(9)

But what caused you to stay indoors and break any social connection in the first place?

Do you have a bad experience in your childhood days you don’t want to remember? Childhood years are what shape an individual for the rest of his/her life.

Countless studies have shown that being through a disturbing childhood is linked with eating disorders and faulty body perception. (10),(11),(12),(13)

Did that gym guide deplete your self-worth by saying you’d never make it? Have you fallen into these weight loss traps, only to please the world?

Knock it off! How long will you live on somebody else’s perception of you? Don’t punish your body with the bad words they pulled on you. This isn’t the real you.

You need to have a positive mindset to succeed.

Remind yourself that you want to lose weight to enjoy life to full potential, free from diseases, NOT to show them your ego.

The only person between you and your goals is you. The world doesn’t matter.

3) You kept looking for somebody to do the work for you

What does it mean when you search for the best ways to burn fat for a thousand number of times?

It means you’re not ready. That’s true!

You think that you’ll finally find the best nutrition coach or the perfect website article that’ll transform you with a whoosh.

NOT going to happen.

Every medically reviewed article under the heading ‘weight loss’ works. The workout routine and carefully researched diet plan work.

It’s just that there is no medication on the Internet to cure your lack of determination.

It’s always you. Always.

Why does the gym get crowded in January, and looks like a silent cemetery in September?

Because everyone swears s/he will improve his/her finances, relationships and body appearance this new year.

But as the journey begins to roll, most of them lose the motivation.

You only have to find a way to find your motivation juices throughout your journey- the work to be done is already planned and kicking.

4) You thought losing weight was a one time goal

There is no finish line.

You can’t just succeed one day, take the trophy and return back to your previous life.

Being in shape, getting fit is a change of lifestyle.

When you bought that gym membership and new running shoes, you should have meditated this change of lifestyle on your mind.

This is the reason why lose-weight-fast schemes don’t work! These schemes try to force a rigid workout routine and a strict diet plan into your life.

But as your body doesn’t like surprises, it hesitates to encompass these habits into your lifestyle.

It is healthy to lose around 4 to 8 pounds of weight per month. Anything above that is likely obtained by unhealthy techniques and are sadly, only temporary. (14)

You’d want to start slowly, but consistently- rushing it is ruining it.

Eating veggies and fresh fruits shouldn’t feel like a chore. Also, encompass fitness activities into your daily schedule.

Dream high and you'll certainly lose weight.

Here’s what a winner’s conversation looks like:
“What are you up to this evening?”
“Nothing. I’ll just run a few miles.”

Wrapping Up

Losing weight isn’t so hard. However, it isn’t as easy as gaining it either. Something in between.

One can do just fine with the basic stuffs, without learning everything about those micro-nutrients.

You’ve made it hard yourself because you:

  • thought obesity was associated with your body more than your brain.
  • listened too much to the world that you forgot what you’re capable of.
  • kept waiting for a perfect creamy moment.
  • refused to give up your old lifestyle, and kept hitchhiking back during the journey.

Change these and you’re off to a great start this time, one that actually brings in hard-earned wonders.