How to Get Pumped Up to Lose Weight, Again!

You started your weight loss plan with a bang.

You were all motivated to lose weight; elbow-deep into it until the harsh days started to show up.

Something always seemed to go wrong.

Your cravings went sky-high and you eventually gave up.

You’re one of those who think they cannot lose weight despite anything. One of those losers who has been dragged into the nightmare of obesity.

And you know what? You never saw that coming.

You enjoy so long being a couch potato until one day you finally take a look into the mirror. That’s when you realize you aren’t the person you thought to be- that person in front of the mirror is so not you.

You wouldn’t want what happened with your body to happen with your job, relationships and the rest of your life.

But that is exactly what has happened to your life- weak, fat, neglected.

I don’t care what your name is, I’m calling you a rotten pumpkin, because that’s what you’ve made of yourself.

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The switch to lose weight is right on your hand

One doesn’t have to care about micronutrients to lose fat.

All those basic tips like exercising and avoiding calories are called basic tips because they work!

And everything that’s available on the Internet is more than sufficient to get you in shape.

But listen to me rotten pumpkin: the information isn’t sufficient to fight your ignorance.

YOU are responsible to fight that.

You are your biggest bully

Every time someone calls you a couch potato, ugly, or rotten pumpkin, stay back and think of who you’re actually mad at. Isn’t it with yourself?

Didn’t you choose this life?

Because that food tasted irresistible, that workout session sucked, and you always promised you’d start from tomorrow, right?

Your mind leads you to make bad decisions. It prompts you to keep on munching calories in overdosing amounts.

But once you’ve put on unhealthy fat, the brain shifts sides and begins haunting you for something it led you into.

How do you motivate yourself to lose weight, for better health if not appearance?

What does it take mentally to live the life of freedom, where eating a few more cookies won’t create a huge pile of questions on the head?

What does it take to live a fit life?

Below are some ways people used on their journey to a lean body. They’re the ways that worked.

1) Imagine the Real You

Imagine the real you after weight loss.

Imagine one day looking at the mirror and seeing muscles on your body instead of the saggy fat; imagine seeing the real you.

Nothing motivates us to work on something more than fantasizing the rewards it’s going to get you.

The desire to succeed distinguishes a winner from a failure. How badly do you want it to happen? How badly do you want to meet the real you that’s you from heart and the body?

Follow the basics even if you don’t believe in them.

Implement your weight-loss plan even if it feels stupid.

Push yourself forward. Give up those fat rich foods even though you die for its taste. Gulp up the veggies even if the taste feels horrible.

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You’ll start seeing the results soon. Soon you’ll be one of those body transformation speakers.

And others won’t believe in you. Why? Because they will also think it feels stupid. The real you is yet to be discovered.

2) You’ve got to learn to surrender

Countless researches show that diet and lifestyle are the two main causes of unhealthy weight gain. (5)

Most of us like to live in the bubble we’ve created for ourselves.

‘All those workout routine and the meal plan, it doesn’t work for me.’

Ask another of your friend who’s a bit fat too. He will have the exact same excuses as you. This means: either the weight loss scheme works for nobody and the researchers are wrong, or you guys are a bunch of losers afraid to go out there and make a change.

You have to surrender your old habits to lose weight.
Surrender all your harmful habits and kickstart your journey.

Surrender that whatever lifestyle you’ve been living is wrong. Accept that the foods you’ve been eating are killing you.

Surrender your ignorance that says whatever you do to lose weight, you can’t change it.

On the other hand, accept that something essential is yet to be done to lose those fats.

Your mindset is like a closet. What do you do when you have to add new items to your closet?

You have to empty it from whatever old items it contains.

What do you do to take on new ideas? You accept that your old ideas don’t work anymore and free the mind for new ones.

Your weight loss journey starts the moment you program your mind to resist old habits and accept change. Surrender your weakness and accept improvement.

3) Don’t think you’re too obese or too old to be in shape

The fact that people in the same conditions like you succeeded is enough evidence you can do it as well.

Don’t wait for a heart attack to realize that you could have done better with your life.

Never think you’re insufficient to change. 60 year olds have lost weight. (3) Really BIG ones have lost weight. (4)

You're never too old to make a change. Motivate yourself to lose weight.
You’re never too old to make a change.

I’m not a science person but I know who Stephen Hawking is, the man who studied a recent discovery- black holes.

When I see a picture of him in a wheelchair, I’m reminded of how powerful the brain is.

This man cannot move any of his limbs or fingers, but the universe opened its biggest secret to him.

Because Hawking made the best use of his mind.

Hawking is a proof that the body is nothing but a slave to the mind.

What does your mind tell you? Have you fed it with thoughts about why you certainly can’t succeed? Have you led it to believe that you will never look like those fit guys at the gym?

Everyone at the gym faced the same problems as you.

But at some point in their life, they decided to dismiss their fear and holdbacks, only to push on. Don’t think you’re less than anybody.

4) You’re not living overweight. You’re dying

Living a heavy lifestyle is linked to:

  • All-causes of death (mortality)
  • High blood pressure (Hypertension)
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (Dyslipidemia)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
  • Sleep apnea and breathing problems
  • Some cancers (endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver)
  • Low quality of life
  • Mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning (1)

You may be in a situation where you know you NEED to change but you don’t WANT to.

You know, a lot of people in this world need to be stopped from their daily hustle and reminded that s/he is going to die one day.

They need to be reminded that they don’t have to die every day because death is actually coming. That they can live up to their full potential.

Nobody aspires to be poor or unhappy.

You never dreamed you’d live inside a heavy body either. This is not you.

Don’t just accept that you are destined to live this life. You were expected to do much better, not for others but for you.

Search for what you really wanted to become. Your true self worth is waiting for you to one day lift the rock and discover it.

Don’t let it die. Please don’t die everyday.

5) Don’t trust the internet so badly

Senseless titles like ‘Lose your weight in 2 days’ are among the highest-ranking keywords in the health niche.

The reason: this world is filled with underachieving guys who think everything is as easy as gulping a bite of hamburger.

Miracles don’t happen unless you work enough to force it.

Unrealistic expectation leads to stress. Stress leads to emotional eating.
Unrealistic expectation leads to stress. Stress leads to emotional eating.

All those unrealistic weight loss plans prompt you to set unrealistic goals.

You easily get disappointed because that one plan they promised worked on everybody didn’t work for you.

The internet tries to point everybody towards sleek perfection. But perfectionism is the root of procrastination.

Start from something small, like avoiding mayonnaise on your food. Drink some more water the next day. Take the stairs the day after.

Experts recommend that only around 4 to 8 pounds of weight loss is healthy. (2)

Anything greater than that is likely obtained by unhealthy methods and sadly, won’t last long.

Every big thing begins with something small. The giant leap that the Internet portrays may not work for everyone.

In fact, the world praises great stories because they’re rare!

Nobody makes a film out of Tom who earns a decent income and is happy with his family. But if a Harry hits bankruptcy and rises to the top, media talks about it for weeks. However, both the gentleman have got what they need.

Your transformation picture may not appear on somebody’s weight loss magazine but starting will surely make you healthier than before.

Consistency can take you everywhere. If you’re looking for ways to cheat and get instant results, you’re going to be cheated. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your vulnerability.

Wrapping Up

It is okay to sometimes feel low; with your weight loss plan and everything else in life. But don’t unpack and live there.

  • Always strive to rediscover your real self worth.
  • Surrender your weakness and accept improvement.
  • Don’t think you’re less than anybody.
  • Don’t live miserable and die everyday.
  • Never let those get-fast scheme fool you.