How to Lose Weight Naturally Before You Kill Yourself

Lose weight easy way.

Lets hit it on the head. Here are some effective ways to lose your weight naturally:

1) Don’t restrict your diet. Eat frequently

Women eating.

Many people do this mistake.

There is no point in skipping your morning lunch if you’re going to compensate it with a heavy afternoon meal.

In fact, the more you starve your body, the more will it strive to bulk in those calories.

Your body wants to stay in its own ‘comfort-zone’ weight. How fat were you for the majority of your life? That’s your body’s ‘comfort-zone’ weight.

Since your body is very stubborn, it wants to stay in that zone forever.

So when you cut your diet and go on a strict routine, it is going to EAT UP next time it is presented with a meal.

This is the reason why study shows that 80% people who lose weight will gain it back.

Once your motivation fades away, the fat is going to eventually build up. Losing weight this way is actually hard.

On the contrary, you’d want to eat frequently. Eat when you feel hungry.

Have some low-calorie snacks around you every time. The trick isn’t to cut your foods but to avoid those that add unhealthy calories.

You can also program your body to feel full with less food and feel full for long. Here’s how.

2) Eat Up (Foods that contain low calories)

Pizza, hot dogs, coke all pack loads of calories into your diet.

And they’re not even delicious!

Remember the first time you tasted pizza and the time when you nearly choked from the first coke burp?

What happens when you dump all these crap into your body? Your body will be a dumpsite of course.

A dumpsite is where diseases live.

Eat more natural foods- the fruit or vegetable curry you always loved.

As a matter of fact, this helps to substitute your appetite with something healthier.

You turn to eat the crappiest foods when you’re hungry. Therefore, eating a healthy diet thrice daily will actually get you in shape.

Eat healthy foods.

There are tons of delicious recipes you can enjoy without you bulking like a balloon animal later.

Some restaurants in the US have now started to include the caloric content of their menu items. It’ll be really easy to track your calorie intake and also choose your dessert that way.

If you opt for a veggie meal instead of a large pizza, it is allowed to add a little spicing and butter to your diet. Nobody likes boiled carrots!

Dieting doesn’t mean restricting your intake but properly eating natural and hygienic foods.

3) Eat soluble fiber

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that isn’t absorbed by the body- they’re non-digestible.

But consuming fiber is necessary because they have many benefits.

Oats helps in weight loss.

Some fibers dissolve in water and are called soluble fiber. The rest is insoluble fiber.

Insoluble fibers absorb water on their way through the gut and make your food content more watery. The food thus swells due to the addition of water. This effect is called bulking.

Insoluble fibers are therefore beneficial to prevent constipation because they make your poop moist and smooth.

Soluble fibers also produce bulking effect.

Moreover, they produce a kind of gel in contact with water. This ‘gel’ shields carbohydrate of your food from the digestive juices.

Thus, digestion takes long and you won’t feel hungry anytime soon.

However, soluble fiber doesn’t ‘stick’ to vitamins and hence doesn’t obstruct the absorption of essential nutrients in any way.

Fiber is found in almost all edible plants.

It is abundant in oats, barley, almonds, avocados, black beans, and sweet potatoes. Eat foods high in soluble fiber.

4) Sleep well

Wait, what?

Your body has a conscience of its own. It knows it has to act actively in the mornings and yawn in the afternoon.

Your hunger cycles are also regulated accordingly. This is called the circadian rhythm.

Your body will go haywire if you try to oppose the rhythm.

This is the reason why staying late at night and sleeping in the day is really bad for your body weight. This has negative effects on the heart and overall health as well.

When you stay awake at bed time, your sugar level decreases and insulin level increases for blurred scientific reasons (Researches haven’t been satisfactory).

A cat sleeping.

This means: The extra insulin feels an urge to digest even more sugar. But since your blood sugar is down, you start feeling hungry.

This is why you crave for calorie-rich foods like Jell-O on the night you’re awake.

The hunger you feel while watching TV at night isn’t normal.

Most of us feast on chips and whatever is on the fridge when we feel hungry at night time. NOT NORMAL.

Get a good night’s sleep. TV episodes can wait. I felt that a game couldn’t be more addictive than Clash of Clans. That’s when PUBG came in.

But you’re going to have only one body for the rest of your life.

5) Stay away from negativity and stress. Happiness will lose you weight


But listen. People turn to their comfort foods when they feel down.

Some of us unconsciously develop dangerous eating disorders because of an unhappy lifestyle and stress.

More specifically, girls tend to lock themselves inside, watching TV and eating crap after a major break-up.

While it may sound nothing alarming, some people develop binge eating disorders under stress.

Binge eating disorder is when the victim has an urge to eat until s/he becomes terribly uncomfortable.

One study on obese women showed that they had gone through adverse life events prior to the onset of developing binge eating disorder.

Living in negativity corresponds to lower quality of life and hence lesser consciousness on health and diet.

A happy old woman.

Wake up early in the mornings, practice mindfulness, do yoga and stuff.

Have a positive approach to everything and laugh your heart out.

Living a positive life is the easiest natural way to maintain healthy body weight for both underweight and overweight people.

And girls, making a revenge body after a break up would be nicer than hibernating for somebody you don’t care about.

6) Drink decaffeinated green coffee

Coffee brands experienced a huge market boom when the rumor spread that coffee helped to reduce weight.

To some extent, the caffeine present in coffee does burn your calories by increasing your metabolic rate.

But there’s a problem: People become tolerant to the effects of caffeine over time and it stops working.

Researches have suggested that consuming caffeine in greater amounts may lead to insomnia, restlessness, irritability and fast heartbeat.

There is also a thing called caffeine addiction!

Some people can get so dependent that they can’t withdraw despite having experienced its negative consequences.

Do we have to give up our hopes on coffee then?

Not really. You have decaffeinated green coffee.

Recently, research done by the University of Southern Queensland, Australia fed a high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet to rats and divided them into groups.

A particular group was also given doses of decaffeinated green coffee with the diet.

The group that were fed decaffeinated coffee showed:

  • Decrease in body weight
  • Reduced food intake/appetite compared to rats not given coffee.
  • Reversing effects in high blood pressure.
  • Improved liver inflammation and fat deposition in liver.

This suggests that decaffeinated green coffee may also prove beneficial to us humans.

If you’re not so comfortable with trusting the effects shown in rats, let me tell you that a significant portion of your medical drugs were first tested on them.

7) Take the stairs and stand on your feet!

Don’t say you don’t have time!

Your hectic life won’t buy you health. But an extra minute spent on the stairs instead of the elevator can help.

A man stands and talks on the phone.

In today’s work and school life, it is easy to forget to shed those engulfed calories.

Sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of obesity.

Something as insignificant as standing up while talking on the phone can shed extra calories than sitting on the chair all day.

Looks like video games attract adults as fast as they attract children. They certainly have to be the most wasteful invention of the modern world.

Take the long route home (Not on a car!). Reach the TV to change your channels instead of using the remote. Keep your TV room as far as you can from the fridge. Go swimming. Play a sport like tennis or basketball.

Little things guys. Little things.

Some guys go to the basketball court and chatter about Steph Curry and Harden. Don’t be a sports analyst. Play the game!

8) Talk to your phone while you’re on a treadmill

Yeah, lets break the gym rules.

Remember how time passes when you talk to someone you love?

It’s the same when you’re walking on a treadmill. Talking to someone while working out enables you to continue the session for long.

Make sure your loved one is comfortable with your huffing and puffing though.

It is also recommended to have a workout partner. You can help each other, both phsically and mentally.

Playing a game is better than lifting weights for the same reason. You get so busy to focus on the game that you don’t realize you’ve overworked.

But you have an urge to count while lifting a dumbell 🙁

I know you’re determined to lose weight. But don’t stress over it. Ego can only get you started. Discipline is what keeps you going. You have to cheat your mind to do something it never wants to do.

9) Sunbath

Let science back it up:
A recent research, available online from 8 Feb, 2019 showed that staying in the sun helped lose weight.

Male mice who were fed a high-fat diet were exposed to sunlight derived UV exposure.

The mice showed a reduced rate of weight gain.

This study “suggests that sunlight exposure may be an effective means of suppressing the development of obesity..”

All these indoor stadiums have made us forget the fun in playing outdoors.

The cool breeze, the melting sun and the smell of sand- ahh. Get out there, buddy. I’m going to the beach this evening.

Also, have a body massage while you’re into it. In some cases, weight gain is caused by an imbalance in hormones.

Having a soothing massage can reset your system to normal.

10) Exercise at your own pace.

Don’t let that skinny gym guide dilute your self worth. He doesn’t know what you’ve been through.

Do it your own way. Find your pace.

I’m not telling all these to lure you into thinking that you can get in shape from your bed as easily as ordering pizza.

Science’s got my back:
48 big women volunteers were randomly assigned into two groups: self selected walking group and controlled group. The group who were free to choose their individual pace of walking showed better results in weight loss. Walking at self-selected intensity improved lipid profile in women with obesity.

You have to raise the bar slowly.

Exercise at your own pace.

Wrapping Up

I talked about medications and surgery nowhere in this article. The steps mentioned above are completely natural and effective. Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard.

Implement these steps slowly into your lifestyle and you’ll notice positive changes in no time. Harsh weight-loss plans can be dangerous for your body.

If you try to cut your intake immediately, your blood pressure and sugar levels may sharply fall down. These are not good effects either.

The trick is to go as natural as possible. Because nature has the best way to make you healthy.

How healthy? Jungle Healthy.