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16 Brilliant Tips to Get Your Children in Shape!

Childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing like crazy. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey studies the status of health and nutrition of adults and children in the United...
Why am I not losing weight?

4 Reasons why Weight-loss became Impossible and you’re Quitting.

What do you do when you have to get rid of a poisonous tree growing in your backyard? Do you pull it out from its root, or do...

How to Get Pumped Up to Lose Weight, Again!

You started your weight loss plan with a bang. You were all motivated to lose weight; elbow-deep into it until the harsh days started to show up.

Yoga can really help you lose weight! 5 scientific researches backup the claim

Do you also wonder how twisting your body in odd positions over a mattress can lose you weight? Don't you have to shed fat in the form of...
Lose weight easy way.

How to Lose Weight Naturally Before You Kill Yourself

Lets hit it on the head. Here are some effective ways to lose your weight naturally: 1) Don't restrict your diet. Eat frequently
Measure while you eat.

These Soluble Fiber-rich Foods will Lose You Weight, like Boom!

Do you know that the percentage of obese people in the United States has tripled compared to what it was just 40 years ago? (1) Obesity is now a...

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